Quality Matters: 4 Things Your Personal Trainer Should Be Doing

Personal Trainer at Fit Augusta

Have you ever found yourself questioning the effectiveness of the coaching you’re getting from your personal trainer? Perhaps you’ve felt like you’re not making the progress you desire, or maybe you’re unsure if your coach truly has your best interests at heart. At Fit Augusta, we understand the importance of having a coach who not only motivates you but also educates you on proper movement techniques. Coaching is the reason we exist, so we put most of our efforts into improving it. In a previous blog, we talked about the effectiveness of personal training, but here we talk about why having a good personal trainer matters:

Personal Trainer at Fit Augusta

Prioritizing Proper Movement

One of the fundamental principles at Fit Augusta is the emphasis on mastering proper form and technique. We believe that before focusing on intensity or volume, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re moving correctly. Our personal trainers are trained to assess and correct movement patterns, helping you avoid injury and maximize results. No matter which program you’ll be participating in, your personal trainer will take you through our Fundamentals Program, starting with the basics and working towards more complex movements. We’ll make sure you are moving safely and effectively, because this always leads to better results!

Building Confidence With a Personal Trainer

A good coach does more than just prescribe exercises – they inspire and empower you to believe in yourself. Confidence is one of the most important factors in success in our lives. At Fit Augusta, we prioritize building confidence through positive reinforcement and encouragement, while you build on your accomplishments. As we do things that we’re proud of, our confidence grows, not just in the gym but in everything we do. You will experience results faster with a personal trainer, so your confidence will grow accordingly. We understand that confidence is key to success, both inside and outside the gym, and our coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve it.


In addition to teaching proper movement and providing personalized attention, our coaches also serve as accountability partners. We understand that staying consistent with your workouts can be challenging, especially when life gets busy. That’s why we’re here to keep you on track, providing support and motivation every step of the way.

Professional Development

Becoming a professional personal trainer is more than just getting a certification, or training people as a side job. And at Fit Augusta, we want to be the best, so the bar is very high. Our coaches and personal trainers must not only have the appropriate experience and certifications, but they also must make it through our rigorous coach onboarding process. This includes a 4 phases of increasing expectations, culminating with the last phase, ongoing professional development. The fourth phase lasts forever, since we will always be trying to get better. This includes ongoing feedback and evaluations, additional certifications and education, and our monthly coach development sessions.

Having a good personal trainer can make all the difference in your fitness journey. From prioritizing proper movement to providing personalized attention and building confidence, the right coach can help you achieve your goals faster and safer than ever before. Ready to experience the difference a good coach can make in your fitness journey? Start here: book a No-Sweat Intro.


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