It’s a New Decade. How Will You Spend It?

There’s something about the new year that gets many of us thinking about making changes in our lives. We’ve ALL done it before. It’s so common that the term “New Year’s Resolution” is not taken seriously anymore. A surprising statistic about the big box gyms (we call them “globo gyms”) – around 80% of people with memberships don’t show up after the first two months. That’s why they require contracts and offer “great deals” right now. They know that about us, and they profit from it.

But it’s good to think about making changes in your life. And if the new year is when you feel like doing it, then let’s do it! The key is how to make those changes last – how to be the person that you know you are, and stay that way?

At Fit Augusta Downtown, we don’t just think about a goal for this year. Let’s think about a goal for this decade. Let’s think about how to make lasting changes. We’ll start with small steps, but we’ll continue to talk about continuing that for a lifetime. Lasting changes. We’re in this together and that’s what we’re all about. Because of this, we don’t get as many “new year’s resolution” people at Fit Augusta Downtown. Our whole system is set up to help you commit to changing your life for the better.

You have a lot of choices, and I’ve personally tried almost all of them. None of these worked for me until I tried CrossFit 7 years ago. I found that great coaches, an encouraging group of friendly people, and fun, ever-changing workouts help keep me motivated and fit. We also do other things to help keep you going for the long term, like regular goal reviews and checking on you if we don’t see you in a while.

So if you’re ready to make real, lasting changes, then come talk to us. Click the “No Sweat Intro” link below or just contact us. We’ll talk about your goals, and come up with a mutual plan to help you stay fit for the long term.


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