Don’t Skip The Warm-up

The warm-up is an important part of the workouts at CFA. A good warm-up does several things:

  • Warms up cold tissues – This is the most obvious thing, but it’s the most important in preventing injuries. Colder tissues are more fragile, so if we’re going to do high intensity work, we need to get the heart pumping and blood flowing beforehand so that your muscles and joints can handle the stress. This is even more important as you get older and your tissues are more susceptible to injury.
  • Prepares you for the movement in the workout – Many of the movements we do in the warm-ups are complementary to the WOD. As you complete the warm-up, you’re preparing your central nervous system to respond to the necessary demands that are coming. 
  • Gives you practice – Whether you’re developing coordination, flexibility, or a general skill, the warm-up is often challenging you with a skill while you’re doing it. Stay focused and make the most of the extra time to practice.
  • Gets all of your systems moving – Ever notice that the first few minutes of a workout are often the suckiest? Or maybe it feels like you haven’t gotten into a rhythm? That’s because your body hasn’t adjusted to the activity yet. The warm-up helps your body ramp up and prepare for what’s coming, so that you’re closer to peak performance when the real work begins.

If you have specific mobility issues or prior injuries, work on those things individually too. Try to get there a few minutes before class and mobilize those tight areas. And if you get to class late, please take some time to properly warm up before you start handling heavy loads or a high intensity metcon. A good warm-up is one of the keys to a great workout!


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